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 Nell's House

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Nell's House Empty
PostSubject: Nell's House   Nell's House EmptyMon May 05, 2008 7:21 pm

The wind made the wind-chimes outside jingle loudly, and Nell smiled as she hummed to herself. She was packing a lunch to take to Garden for her little sister. She knew that Myghin loved fresh bread, and Nell was pulling it out of the oven then. The sweet aroma was in every corner of her home, and she hummed as she gently transferred the little loaves over to a large basket. She covered them with a solid blue cloth, tucking the edges down into the sides of the basket. The basket, now finished, was left on the counter for a few moments.

Nell moved into her bedroom, studying herself in the mirror carefully. After a moment, she twisted the ride side of her hair back and clipped it. Then she dusted herself off, moved back through the kitchen, picking up her basket happily. She continued humming as she stepped outside to go rent a car to go to Garden.

((Story continued here.))
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Nell's House
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