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 Summer Vacation for Balamb.

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Summer Vacation for Balamb. Empty
PostSubject: Summer Vacation for Balamb.   Summer Vacation for Balamb. EmptyThu May 08, 2008 1:20 pm

Summer vacation has officially begun for Balamb Garden! This does not mean that your character has to leave the Garden for vacation, but now is the prime time to do so! Classes will not resume until August 4th, although you can sign up for summer courses.

This summer, the following courses are being offered
Para-Magic, the in-depth study. (3 weeks.) May 12th - 30th.
Guardian Forces, an analysis. (3 weeks.) June 2nd - 20th.
Combat, learning your own strengths. (3 weeks.) July 23rd - July 11th.
Geography, the world in which we live. (3 weeks.) July 14th - August 1st.

Fall Semester will commence on August 4th.
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Summer Vacation for Balamb.
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