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 Mission Explanation

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Can I apply?

Throughout the year, there are various missions that one may sign up for. These missions range from simple to complex, and they can take place across the world. There will be mission parameters to meet, but how you go about that is completely up to you. All missions will function on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The most important thing to remember is that missions are normally for a small group of characters (three to five) and they are normally dependent on teamwork and taking advantage of each other's strengths. There will be specific missions for candidates as opposed to SeeD operatives, although candidate missions will generally be overseen by an operative. Most missions will be organized by the forum staff.

If you have a mission idea, feel free to submit it on the suggestions board with the title, Mission Idea - [insert title here]. If it is feasible and does not contradict with the current storyline/world view, it will almost certainly be archived for future use. All missions that are player ideas will have a reserved slot for the person who came up with the idea. You do not have to participate, but if you would like to, it will be available for you.

[Sample Mission]
Quote :
Mission Description: The Fire Cavern is located to the east of Balamb and is home to numerous fire-elemental monsters and serves as the home for the fire Guardian Force, Ifrit. Care must be taken in the preparation of this mission.

Mission Parameters: Enter the cavern and defeat Ifrit.

Sign-Up Slots: 3 open slots.
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Mission Explanation
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