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 Limit Breaks

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Limit Breaks
How do those work exactly?

A limit break is a technique that is specific to the character. In the forums, it would be something that signifies your character's specialty. A person with an affinity to thunder might use a bolt spell or something similar in theirs, as an example. You may use any one low level spell (a spell that a SeeD candidate could cast) if you like in your limit break. However, remember that all limit breaks deal the same amount of damage. Everyone's limit break deals exactly eight points.

Beyond that, it's just a matter of customization. Do you like something epic and dramatic, or something simple and elegant? You'll also need a name for your skill.

Remember that limit breaks can only be used once in a fight, and only if you're within 5 points of being defeated. Example: You're doing a 20 point fight and you have 15 points on you. You may perform a limit break. If you have less than 15, in this example, you may not.
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Limit Breaks
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