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 Time Passage

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Time Passage
In Junction Memories

Junction Memories occurs in pseudo-real time. Now, what does that mean for you as a player? It means that things like season changes really happen on the boards as well. That's not to say that each day specifically changes as it does in real time, but the seasons do. At the start of a new season, there will be an announcement posted, making certain that all of the players realize this.

Seasons pass according to the northern hemisphere, with summer (June, July, and August) typically being the hottest time of year and winter (December, January, and February) being the coldest. This will not only affect the settings of posts, but it will also affect a variety of other factors, from what roads might be open, to when your character can explore. A prime example is that Balamb students have summer vacations. That means they don't attend classes and are free to roam about during the summer and on their other vacations. Otherwise, they don't stray too far from the Garden unless they are on a mission.
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Time Passage
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