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 Combat Tutorial

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PostSubject: Combat Tutorial   Combat Tutorial EmptyMon May 05, 2008 11:07 pm

Combat Tutorial
A simple guide to how combat works on this forum.

Combat in Junction Memories works on a point based system. Everytime you engage someone in combat, you should agree on a set number of points before you begin the combat turns. Also, if you are fighting with more than just one other person, you should agree on a combat order. Only post in the agreed upon order. Which means the first person posting, should let us know the order.

The minimum number of points for a battle is 10 while the maximum is 50.

Example of a first post for combat:
Person1 wrote:
((Order: Person1, then Player2, then CharacterZ. Point limit: 20))

Greg shook his fist, screaming angrily, "You had no right! No right at all-"

((Points: 0))

See, with this, we all know how many points this player has so far for this combat, how many points they can accumulate before being 'knocked out', and in what order the participating players should post. If anyone breaks the order (without some approved reason), there is a 10 point penalty.

How do points work?
Points put on the target through actions.

Attack: 1 point.
Tier 1 magic (i.e., fire, blizzard, thunder): 1 point.
Tier 2 magic (i.e., fira, blizzara, thundara): 2 points.
Tier 3 magic (i.e., firaga, blizzaga, thundaga): 3 points.
Other magic: Variable, see Magic tutorial for specifics.
GF summon: Variable; see GF tutorial for specifics.

Points can also be reduced, using cure spells, or blocked using protect/shell, or put back on the user using reflect. For a full description of spells effects, see the magic tutorial.

Knocked out?
Yes, you can be knocked out if you reach the point limit. Being knocked out means that your roleplay taking enough damage so that your character passes out. It also means you can't roleplay again until the battle is deemed over. Once that occurs, you may roleplay your character's exit so that they can rest and recover.

What about Limit Breaks?
Everyone can design their own limit break, but keep in mind that everyone's limit breaks do the same number of points; eight. You can only use a limit break if you're within 5 points of your point limit. Example, if you are fighting in a 20 point limit battle, you may not limit break until 15 points or more have been dealt to you. Also, a limit break is a thing of desperation, of final-ness. You may only do it once per battle.
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Combat Tutorial
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