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 Guardian Forces Tutorial

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Guardian Forces
A Simple Guide to Their Uses on the Forums

What is a Guardian Force?
A GF is an independent energy force. By combining it with para-magic, it is possible to control tremendous energy. Memory loss is a possible side effect, but this has not been proven as of yet.

There are, very simply, two kinds of guardian force (or GF): the junctionable, that is, you may junction them to your brain in order to utilize their abilities; and the unjunctionable, that is, you may not junction them to yourself, but they attach themselves in other fashions that are not completely understood.

There are many recognized junctionable GFs, although most of them are exceedingly rare. Also, remember that many GFs have more than one copy. For example, all Balamb Garden students get a Shiva and a Quezacotl.

Guardian Forces Tutorial V615j4 Quezacotl | 1 | Thunder | 2
A thunder spirit. Quezacotl is one of the regulation GFs for Balamb Garden.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 153mkns Shiva | 1 | Ice | 2
An ice spirit. Shiva is one of the regulation GFs for Balamb Garden.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 54yxao Ifrit | 1 | Fire | 2
A fire spirit who resides in the Fire Cavern. Ifrit must be defeated for a SeeD candidate to be considered for field exams.

Guardian Forces Tutorial Wtyn8i Siren | 1 | None | 2
A non-elemental GF who's attack carries the ability to silence. It is unknown how to obtain her.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 9fvbt3 Brothers | 2 | Earth | 3
A pair of GFs named Sacred and Minotaur that make their home in the Tomb of the Unknown King. If you defeat Sacred in combat, he will call Minotaur to help him and both must be defeated before they will join you. Together, they use an earth-based attack that will not affect flying enemies.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 28sa4p5 Diablos | 2 | Space | 3
A space-time GF that is rumored to reside in magical lamps.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 14o85fl Carbuncle | 2 | None | 3
A GF that defends you rather than dealing damage to your enemies. It can cause magic to reflect off of you. It is unknown how to obtain this GF.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 33nvl6v Leviathan | 3 | Water | 4
A water spirit. It is unknown how to obtain this GF.

Guardian Forces Tutorial Js2a9s Cerberus | 3 | None | 4
A guardian spirit that supposedly resides in Galbadia Garden. Since the students there do not use GFs, there is no confirmation of this rumor.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 2jc652gAlexander | 3 | Holy | 4
A holy spirit that takes the form of a giant machine. It is unknown how to obtain this GF.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 2ez4gmg Doomtrain | 3 | None | 4
A train GF that can be assembled by a number of items combined with a certain ring.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 2r6idf6 Bahamut | 4 | None | 5
A violently powerful GF that is rumored to exist beneath the ocean's surface. It is unknown how to obtain this GF.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 245lifk Cactuar | 4 | None | 5
A giant cactuar that can shoot up to 1,000 needles from its skin at once. It is unknown how to obtain this GF.

Guardian Forces Tutorial 9un2ww Tonberry | 4 | None | 5
A rumored 'king' of the Tonberries that only appears after you massacre a large number of them. It is not certain if this is true or not.

Guardian Forces Tutorial Smvcb7 Eden | 5 | None | 6
The most powerful GF known, it is rumored to exist only within the strongest monsters on the planet. It is unknown how to obtain this GF.

Un-Junctionable GFs are rare, and most of them only appear a few times before disappearing all together to one specific person.

Odin | 1 | None | 10 | Lasts for 1 time.
A warrior who appears on a six-legged horse at the start of battle. His attack 'Zantetsuken' kills all enemies instantly. He is exceedingly difficult to find however, and his trust must be earned before his powers will help you.

Boko | 1 | None | 3 | Lasts for 2 times.
A Chocobo summoned using Gysahl Greens. If you can find one of the rare Chocobo Forests, you might also find a Boko there...

Moomba | 1 | None | 2 | Lasts for 2 times.
Moombas are told to be members of the Shumi Tribe: when a Shumi comes to a certain age, they either mature or become a Moomba. It is uncertain wether or not this Moomba is a real moomba or a restless spirit that has yet to move on.

Phoenix | 1 | None | -15 (on summoner) | Lasts for 1 time.
A fire elemental GF that can be obtained by using the item Phoenix Pinion in battle; she deals fire damage to all enemies and revives knocked out allies. She may also appear in some situations when an entire group has been knocked out. Phoenix Pinions are very rare and fetch high prices.

MiniMog | 1 | None | 3 | Lasts for 2 times.
Not much is known about this unjunctionable GF.

Why Use a Guardian Force?
GFs increase your power exponentially, as well as provide some measure of companionship. Only the strongest SeeDs can master the strongest GFs.

Well, since in battle a post should only account for one action, it should take you at least one post of just summoning in order to summon any of the first four listed junctionable GFs. You can see on the list above how many posts it should take to summon a particular GF (the entries are written as NAME | # OF POSTS | ELEMENT | # OF POINTS GIVEN).

For more information on points, please see the Combat Tutorial.
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Guardian Forces Tutorial
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