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 What are all of the areas currently available for play?

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PostSubject: What are all of the areas currently available for play?   Mon May 05, 2008 7:59 pm

Balamb Continent
Balamb Garden
Balamb, is the largest of the Gardens and the main base of the SeeD organization. Specializing in Guardian Force training and para-magic use, Balamb Garden is also the only Garden authorized to conduct the SeeD field exam, which all Garden cadets must pass in order to join the ranks of SeeD. Cadets attending other Gardens must transfer to Balamb in order to complete this final requirement.
- Cafeteria
- Dormitory
- Training Center
- Infirmary
- Library
- Parking Lot
- Quad
- Classroom (2F)
- Headmaster's Office (3F)

Fire Cavern
Located east of Balamb, the cavern is home to numerous fire-elemental monsters and serves as the home for the fire Guardian Force, Ifrit. Balamb Garden uses the cavern as a testing ground for its students to see if they're ready for the SeeD exams.

Balamb (town)
The small town of Balamb. There is the train station to Timber from here, as well as a port that services the Garden when necessary. It is a destination for food fishing, and low-key vacationing. Balamb is also a common place for couples to settle following their retirement.
- Residential District
- Train Station
- Balamb Hotel
- The Harbor

Other Areas
This covers all the other areas on the continent that is not listed above. On the Balamb continent, this includes the Gaulg Mountains, Rinauld Coast, and Alcaud Plains.
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What are all of the areas currently available for play?
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